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In this issue:
1 Leopard Will Have New Finder
2 MacBook Pro: A True Desktop Replacement
3 Suitcase Plug-ins for CS3
4 Apple's Safari Goes to Windows

Leopard Will Have New Finder

Mac OS X Leopard
At Apple's World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco, his Steveness provided developers with a feature complete beta of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. In the Stevenote Address, Mr. Jobs demoed the new Finder (same interface as iTunes), a new Desktop, QuickLook, the Back to My Mac feature of .Mac, Spaces, the collaborative qualities of iChat Theatre, and Time Machine --Apple's back-up solution.

"Our goal was to make it so simple that people would actually use it". Leopard is due to ship in OCtober and Jobs announced pricing for the October introduction while taking a stab at the complexity of the Windows Vista upgrade path: $129 US for the Basic version, $129 US for Leopard Premium, $129 US for Leopard Business, $129 US for Leopard Enterprise, and $129 US for Ultimate Leopard. He said that Apple feels that most people will choose the Ultimate Edition.

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MacBook Pro: A True Desktop Replacement

The MacBook Pro Family
Apple has revised the MacBook Pro series around the new Intel Santa Rosa chip. This 64-bit beast has more efficient power consumption and better performance. GHz is now bumped to 2.2 or 2.4 and RAM can now be expanded to 4 GB. Did anyone say "desktop replacement time"? The displays are improved too with the 15" getting an LED backlight display which won't fade over time and the 17" now has an optional high res screen with 30 % more pixels. The 15" model even loses weight.

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Suitcase Plug-ins for CS3

Suitcase for CS3
As we told you last issue, Extensis has cut off support for Suitcase X1. However, Suitcase Fusion has been certified for use with Adobe's Creative Suite 3 and the company is now shipping Suitcase Fusion plug-ins for compatiblity with CS3. The new Suitcase Fusion plug-ins for InDesign CS3 and Illustrator CS3 are available from the web site. Don't forget to pick up the latest copy of their "Best Practices for Managing Fonts in Mac OS X" guide while you are there.

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Apple's Safari Goes to Windows

Safari on Windows
In a "one more thing" moment in the WWDC keynote address, Steve Jobs announced that Apple's browser Safari is coming to Windows. Jobs claimed that Safari is the fastest browser for Windows --nearly twice as fast as Internet Explorer 7. A public beta is already available on Apple's web site. Apple boasts half a billion downloads of iTunes most of which are on PC and many Windows users feel that this is the best Windows application they have. What better way to tout the Mac than to bring another top-drawer Mac app their way?

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