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1 Mac Security Update
2 Mac mini Packs One, Two Punch
3 iPod Hi-Fi, Precursor
4 eMail Spring Cleaning

Mac Security Update

It seems the news has been awash lately with reports of security holes in the Mac OS. Many Precursor customers have placed frantic phone calls and sent emotional emails to us concerning this. Let=92s put things in perspective: Vincent Weafer, senior director of security response at Symantec Corp points out that "Over the past two years, for instance, Apple has issued about 58 advisories relating to vulnerabilities in its software, compared to 127 for Windows XP." There are more than 150,000 known attacks against Windows vulnerabilities compared to less than 100 on the Mac. Keep in mind that:
  • Proof of concept only These Mac exploits have been proof of concept only and have not actually appeared out in the wild
  • No actual loss No actual loss of time or money has occurred unlike the enormous amount of time and money lost through recent Windows exploits
  • Patch available Apple has already provided a patch which you can download

The Apple patch is called Security Update 2006-001 and is available through the Software Update mechanism in Mac OS X and can also be downloaded separately from This patch is highly recommended for all Mac OS X 10.3.x and 10.4 .x installs. Precursor Support Contract Customers will have this installed as part of our regular routine maintenance.

Mac mini Packs One, Two Punch

Mac mini
Apple has refreshed the Mac mini lineup with your choice of Intel Core Solo and Core Duo models running at up to 4x faster than the G4 models they replace. All Mac mini=92s now come standard with 4 USB ports, FireWire, AirPort, BlueTooth and Apple=92s infrared remote control with FrontRow software. They ship with iLife =9106 but are still BYODKM (Bring your own display, keyboard, and mouse).

Now half of Apple=92s lineup has been migrated to the new Intel processor.

Shop for your customized Mac mini at!

iPod Hi-Fi, Precursor

iPod Hi-Fi
According to Steve Jobs, Apple has =93reinvented home stereo=94 with the new iPod Hi-Fi: a $429 portable digital audio sound system with a remote control and a built-in iPod dock. With iPods still as hot a digital gadget as has ever come along it seems as good a time as any to remind our customers that when you order an iPod through Precursor Systems you get free engraving. Remember that next time your company is putting together a promo.

Shop for your iPod Hi-Fi and engraved iPod at!

eMail Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost in the air and your computer also needs some spring cleaning. In particular your email! After a year of giant attachments, spam and messages from friends your computers email filing system is overburdened and often bursting at the seams. Now is the time to do something about it. Get rid of any emails you don=92t really need and strip the attachments off of all your received mail. (Don=92t forget to tidy up your SENT mail too!) Here is an email spring cleaning checklist:
  • Remove attachments Do a Select All in your mailboxes (including Sent mail) and choose Remove Attachments from the Message menu
  • Delete junk/joke/stale messages Delete any unnecessary junk mail, joke mail and personal mail
  • Purge the deleted items folder You haven=92t actually got rid of anything until you take this step
  • Compact or Rebuild your database We will be happy to help you with this part once you have tidied up as per above.

A final tip: You shouldn=92t be using the Deleted Items folder as your filing system.

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