The Précis Intel/Mac FAQ

Confused about whether you need a new Intel-based Mac or a PowerPC version?
Read on to find out which would suit you best.

1. Can I run Classic on the new Intel Macs?
No. If you still need to use applications that run in the Classic mode (Mac OS 9) --such as QuarkXPress 4) then you will need to use the iMac G5 or PowerBook G4. However, if it is time for you to acquire a new computer it is probably also time for you to transition away from Classic.

2. I need to edit movies. Which Mac should I get?
The new Macs have FireWire 400 and come with iLife '06 which includes iMovie which you can use to edit movies. However, if you are a professional who relies on Apple's Final Cut products then you should wait until April when Apple will introduce Universal versions of the Apple Pro Apps. Apple will offer a disk exchange for Final Cut owners to get install disks for their new Intel Macs.

3. I create web pages. Which Mac is for me?
The new Macs come with iLife '06 which includes the new easy-to-use iWeb application that has incredible templates for web pages, blogs AND podcasts. This is all beautifully integrated into your .Mac account homepage. So, if you are making your own web page the new Mac with iLife '06 is awesome. However, if you create pages for others using DreamWeaver and Flash then you would be better off with a PowerPC Mac until Adobe provides Universal Binaries of Studio 8.

4. What about Creative Suite and Quark?
If you work in Creative Suite 2 and Quark 6.x then you should stick with the PowerPC Macs for the time being. Adobe and Quark are working on Universal versions of these apps and when they are ready a new Intel Mac would be just the ticket.

5. What are these Universal BInaries you keep mentioning?
A universal binary is software code that is optimized for both PowerPC and Intel chips. Apple used this technique once before when they switched from the Motorola to PowerPC chipset.


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