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1 New OS X 10.8.5
2 iOS 7
3 Precursor Web App 2.0
4 FileMaker Go MasterClass

New OS X 10.8.5

Mountain LionAs Apple prepares to deliver OS X Mavericks later this Autumn, a new, and possibly final, release of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 arrived this week. One of the major fixes: it now can get full speed out of the new AC AirPort Extreme's (if you have the necessary computer hardware). As usual, we are already hard at work testing out the update and will be applying it at our clients in the coming days. We caution you to be patient while we complete our testing. After all... Its hard to back out of these big updates!

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iOS 7

iOS 7Ooo! I know you have already heard about the new iPhone 5c and 5s (unless your name is Rumplestiltsken). But did you know that iOS 7 is going to be released September 18th and it will be a free update to anyone with iPhone 4 or higher? We have been using iOS 7 on our production iPhone since the first beta from WWDC in June (And yes, I know I'm crazy!).

What do I like about it so much? It is clean and bright and uncluttered. Many Apple apps have shed their albeit easy-to-recognize real-world metaphors (like green felt, leather and linen) and as a result may now take full advantage of what the technology of a digital smartphone with internal compass, gyroscope, motion sensor, 2 cameras, 2 flash colours, 2 microphones, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth , and LTE can offer. Wow! there's a lot in these things!

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Precursor Web App 2.0

Web App QRWe've been hard at work making our Web App ready for iOS 7 and we beat the September 18 deadline! The first version was made available in May for iOS 6 iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. Now it takes on a whole new look for iOS 7 and adds even more functionality. Our Web App acts as our super-charged business card letting customers not only download our V-card directly into their contacts but also do so much more!
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And, best of all, it has a special customized mobile version of our famous Precursor Trouble Report form so you can get access to our expertise in a matter of seconds. (Hey! No 3 am alarms please...)

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FileMaker Go MasterClass

FileMaker Business AllianceAlex is attending a FileMaker Go Masterclass September 17 in Toronto put on by FileMaker Canada. Earlier this summer, Alex attended FileMaker's developer conference, FileMaker DevCon in San Diego. Precursor is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance and we use FileMaker for practically everything even including this here newsletter. Its also been running parts of our website since FileMaker 6. And so we have gone through many conversions, including Palm OS/ FM Sync / CDML / FMTouch / XSLT / FileMaker Go / and now, PHP. We now have secure and live access to critical company data wherever we are using Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad. We are continuing to improve our FileMaker Go skills to better provide solutions for data mobility.

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