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1 AppleStore Coming to Winnipeg
2 iPhone 3.0, Apple & Feedback
3 Precursor Now ACSP 10.5 Certified
4 Precursor Now ACTC 10.5 Certified
5 Precursor's Narvey 5-time Apple Product Professional

AppleStore Coming to Winnipeg

AppleStoreThere is an unusual amount of news about Precursor in this edition of Precis but it might get overshadowed by the leaked info that an AppleStore will be coming to Polo Park this year. Apple brass were denying it to my face when I was in Toronto as late as last week but when confronted with the evidence they relented. The evidence of course is NOT an official announcement from Apple but there is a job posting on Apple's web site and it does mention Polo Park.

This will undoubtedly change the dynamic of Apple retail in both Winnipeg and Manitoba and will put greater comptetitive pressure on local resellers like Advance, MacHelper, Don's, Long & McQuade, PowerLand, Future Shop, Best Buy, London Drugs, and even little old Precursor. I view it as a significant improvement in local resources for Apple products services and a sign of even greater things to come. Way to go Apple!

iPhone 3.0, Apple & Feedback

iPhone 3.0Apple previewed the iPhone 3.0 software last week while I was at AC4'09. It is surely one of the greatest Apple software updates of all-time: Covering nearly every shortcoming of the current iPhone software. Come Summer, the FREE upgrade will introduce: Copy, Cut and Paste, Spotlight Searching throughout, Apple Push Notification Service, Data Plan Tethering support, Stereo Bluetooth support, Peer-to-Peer Bluetooth connectivity, Turn-by-Turn Map support, Landscape Keyboard in Mail, and SMS, embedded mail and map client in other Apps, a plethora of game improvements and enhancements and over 100 new features.

Clearly, Apple is listening to its customers! And they have a great way for you to provide your own feedback. At AC4'09 more than one Apple employee reminded us that EVERY email from their feedback site gets read.

Vote in our Satisfaction poll to find out about Apple's Feedback site!

Precursor Now ACSP 10.5 Certified

ACSPPart of attending AC4'09 was refreshing my certifications. I am pleased to announce that I am now ACSP 10.5 Certified. ACSP stands for Apple Certified Support Professional. When I first got this certification for Mac OS X 10.3 in 2004 it was called ACHDS. The complete details are available in a press release on the Precursor web site.

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Precursor Now ACTC 10.5 Certified

ACTAI was busy as a beaver at AC4'09 taking classes from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and writing certification exams from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. I wrote both client and server exams to gain the designation of ACTC 10.5 Certified. ACTC stands for Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. I have been an ACTC since I gained the designation in 2004 for Mac OS X 10.3. The complete description is available in a press release on the Precursor web site.

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Precursor's Narvey 5-time Apple Product Professional

5x Apple Product ProfessionalJust before heading out to AC409 I achieved the level of Apple Product Professional from Apple Sales Training. This is the fifth year in a row I have received this award. Apple awards this to resellers who take a variety of onsite, seminar, webinar, and online training. And with Apple's ever-evolving product line it really helps me keep sharp. I guess sometime I will have to host a seminar just so I can wear all those silver lapel pins. ;-)

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