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1 CS4 Coming 9/23
2 iPhone 3G Out of Beta
3 Desert Island Fonts
4 Narvey Sales Pro 3X

CS4 Coming 9/23

CS4Adobe has announced it will launch Creative Suite 4 on September 23rd. So far the only thing we know is that Launch Date will NOT equal Ship Date. Participate in our Creative Suite Poll to get a link to register for the Launch Broadcast.

Click here to participate in our CS poll and register for the broadcast!

iPhone 3G Out of Beta

iPhone 3GWith the release of the new 2.1 firmware last week Apple's iPhone 3G is now zippier, more stable, longer lasting and even gets better 3G reception. Now that is what I call a good free upgrade! We have put together a FAQ answering some of the typical questions a new Canadian iPhone 3G user might have. To read the FAQ you just have to participate in our quick and simple iPhone poll.

Click here to participate in our iPhone 3G poll to read the FAQ!

Desert Island Fonts

10 island fontsOur favourite summer reading was the National Post article on the 10 essential fonts for when one is stranded on a desert island. You've all heard me say that "Font" is a four letter word and indeed the article is complete with (humorous) profanity. Participate in our Font Management Poll to get a link to the article.

Click here to participate in our Font Management poll for the desert island link!

Narvey Sales Pro 3X

We are pleased to announced that for the third year in a row, Precursor founder Alex Narvey has achieved the level of Apple Sales Professional -- the highest level awarded in Apple's Sales Training Program.

Click here to read the full press release at!

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