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1 Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update
2 Aperture 2
3 AppleTV Take 2
4 Xsan 2
5 Promise E-Class RAID

Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update

Mac OS X
It may be time to change your spots. Apple has delivered its biggest software update ever in the 10.5.2 Leopard Update. This is the first update to cover problems discovered since the product shipped last Autumn and quashes a whole slew of bugs. With this in hand and the recently updated Acrobat component of Creative Suite 3 now available we no longer have reservations recommending upgrading to Leopard for production computers.

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Aperture 2

Aperture 2
Good things are just getting better for photographers. Apple has delivered a much improved Aperture 2.0 and lowered the price to only $199 with upgrades only $99. Remember this is a product that entered the market at over $500 Canadian! Improvements include a simplified interface, new retouching features and next-generation RAW performance increases. This product enhances a studio photographer's productivity so much that any professional who does not use it for workflow is likely to be out of business within a year.

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AppleTV Take 2

The sleeper hit of Macworld Expo is now here. AppleTV "Take 2" as Steve Jobs called it may be the most customer oriented upgrade in Apple's history. Gone are all the limits of the original AppleTV product and in their place are ALL the things customers wanted. Now you can rent movies instead of just buying. Now you can rent from ALL the Hollywood studios --not just the ones that weren't at war with Apple. Now you can or will be able to do all of this in Canada. And now you don't need a computer to do any of this: Just hook up AppleTV directly to your TV and your wireless network and your off to the races. And if you already bought AppleTV the upgrade is FREE. And if you haven't Apple has lowered the price to make sure you do!

Xsan 2

Xsan 2
Apple updated its SAN system to Xsan 2 claiming that the new version makes it easier for first-time users to quickly set up and deploy a SAN. It also introduces MultiSAN, which allows users on a single workstation to access multiple SANs at the same time. And, Xsan 2 is fully integrated with Mac OS X Leopard and Leopard Server and is qualified to work with third-party RAID storage hardware. (see the next article)

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Promise E-Class RAID

E-Class RAID
Apple has dropped the Xserve RAID from its product line-up and has qualified a third party RAID device to integrate with its Xsan package (see article above). Promise Technology Inc. has announced that the Promise VTrak E-Class RAID subsystem has been qualified with Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Xsan 2, Apple's high-performance, enterprise-class Storage Area Network (SAN) file system for Mac OS X, and Final Cut Studio 2. The E-Class RAID subsystem supports capacities up to 24TB per configuration, and now offers RAID 6 and redundant controllers, starting at just $1.12 per gigabyte.

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