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1 Apple Revs Up MacBook Pro Line
2 iMacs, Get Core 2 Duo + 24=94
3 iPodGears for Holiday Season
4 eMail Confirmations on Mac

Apple Revs Up MacBook Pro Line

MacBook Pro
Apple's new Mac Pro will make the retired PowerMac G5 hard to remember. The new Mac Pro is twice as fast as the fastest G5 it replaces offering two Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors for quad processing across the Mac Pro lineup. It has room for twice as many hard drives and optical drives. It can be configured with up to 3.0 GHz processors, 16 GB or RAM and 2 TB of storage.

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iMacs, Get Core 2 Duo + 24=94

Apple's latest iMacs all sport Intel's new Core 2 Duo processor offering a 50% increase in performance. With pricing now starting at $1099 for a basic 17" model and a top end 24" screen this is defnitely Apple=92s strongest iMac lineup ever. Options include RAM up to 3 GB, Hard Drives up to 500 GB, and VRAM up to 256 MB.

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iPodGears for Holiday Season

Not resting on its 80%+ marketshare, Apple has been busy remastering the iPod line. Video iPods sport 60% brighter screens and top out at 80GB. iPod nanos get a metallic coloured body and double in storage capacity. Meanwhile, the iPod shuffle got completely redesigned and is now the smallest MP3 player available. All the iPods now offer gapless playback via iTunes 7.0 software --so you can enjoy Abbey Road the way it was intended. And, the U.S.A. iTunes store now offers 75 Disney, Pixar, TouchStone and Miramax films in near-DVD quality.

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eMail Confirmations on Mac

Ever wanted to get a confirmation that someone has received that important email that you sent. This long-time feature of corporate Exchange servers is something we get asked about a lot. So we've written the definitive guide for return email confirmations and its yours free for taking part in our email survey.

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