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In this issue:
1 FreeHand to Illustrator Migration
2 Quark 7, May 23?
3 MacBook Pro 17=94
4 VPN for Work-from-Home
5 Cure for SpotLight Bug

FreeHand to Illustrator Migration

The writing was on the wall when Adobe bought Macromedia (see Precis -6/13/2005). Now Adobe has produced a comprehensive migration guide for FreeHand to Illustrator. This doesn=92t make your FreeHand obsolete but it is definitely looking like there will never be an Intel-native version of FreeHand. The guide is very comprehensive and describes the differences between the two applications in detail.

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Quark 7, May 23?

Internet rumour sites our touting May 23rd as the release date for the universal binary edition of Quark 7. Normally, we don=92t discuss non-shipping product in this newsletter but in this case we point out that if you need another copy of Quark 6.5 it may be prudent to get it now. After Quark 7 debuts it may not be possible to get Quark 6.5 anymore and so if you are adding one graphic designer you would have to upgrade all copies of Quark to 7.0

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MacBook Pro 17=94

MacBook Pro
Apple has released a 17=94 MacBook Pro and it is now quite a value since it sells for less than an equivalently specified 15=94 model. The new 17=94 model has a 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo Intel processor, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB hard, Dual Layer optical drive, FireWire 400 & 800, 3 USB 2.0 ports and a built-in iSight camera. Prices start at $3299 CDN.

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VPN for Work-from-Home

VPN. It stands for Virtual Private Network. Recently we have set this up for a number of customers. What is it? It is a secure, encrypted tunnel through which you can safely and securely access your work from home. In some cases it requires the addition of hardware. In others --for our customers using Mac OS X Server-- it merely requires set-up since Mac OS X Server can provide VPN for the built-in VPN clients in both Mac OS X and Windows XP Pro.

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Cure for SpotLight Bug

Some of our customers on Mac OS X 10.4 have experienced the =93SpotLight=94 bug: After a crash/restart (usually precipitated by font problems) the computer boots only as far as the SpotLight icon loading in the top right corner of the screen --then it stalls. The easiest way out is to reboot into Safe Boot mode holding the Shift key down. Then log in as yourself and immediately select Restart from the Apple menu booting up normally.

This and other helpful tips are available to Precursor Support Contract customers in the context sensitive help system at our Troubleshooting web site.

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