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1 Apple and Intel
2 Adobe buys Macromedia
3 Quark loses CEO
4 Saving $$ with Mac OS X Server

Apple and Intel

Steve Jobs has announced that Apple will switch its entire product line over to Intel processors in a process expected to take two years. Ostensibly, the reason is the future performance/power draw ratio of Intel processors as opposed to the PowerPC. Apple has already stressed a few points to resellers and we are passing that info on to you:
  • Universal versions Adobe and Micorsoft are already commited to creating Universal versions of their software that will run on either processor
  • Mac OS X only for Macs Mac OS X will only run on Macs. Apple has no plans to sell Mac OS X to run on PCs.
  • No Windows Support Apple has no plans to sell or support Windows --although it will not create a hardware block to prevent Windows running on an Intel Mac.
  • Stuff Changes Macs evolve and improve every year --it is just a fact of life in technology.
PBS technology columnist Robert Cringley has a fascinating alternative view of what this all really means.

Read Cringley=92s incendiary column

Adobe buys Macromedia

In case you haven=92t already heard, Adobe will buy Macromedia. Does this mean the elimination of FreeHand, DreamWeaver et all. This hardly seems likely. Designers have their clear preferences and many use both Studio MX and Creative Suite. Wouldn=92t Adobe want to keep the revenue stream from both? We tend to believe that both product lines will survive pretty much intact.

Check out Adobe=92s platitudinous FAQ

Quark loses CEO

More transitions: Quark is losing its CEO (Kamar Aulakh) after only 16 months on the job! Quark has been silent on the matter of whether he was fired or left of his own accord. Linda Chase, the Senior Vice President for Commerce Product Development has become the interim CEO.

Click here to read the unrevealing Quark press release.

Saving $$ with Mac OS X Server

Another Precursor success story: Find out how our customer leveraged the power of Mac OS X Tiger Server to replace an aging Windows server, got tthree computers for the price of one, and saved $1000 in the process!

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