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1 Adobe Creative Suite 2
2 Quark Fights Back
3 Free Tiger Seminar
4 FTP Sucks!

Adobe Creative Suite 2

CS 2
Adobe has announced Creative Suite 2. All the component applications get major upgrades and can be purchased or upgraded both indivuidually or as a suite. Also Photoshop users can upgrade to the whole suite with special pricing. CS2 Standard includes Photoshop CS2 9, Illustrator CS2 12 and InDesign CS2 4. The Premium edition also includes GoLive CS2 7 and Acrobat Pro 7. The new products are expected to ship by the end of May. Check out the Precursor Software store for pricing on individual or entire suite upgrade pricing.

Creative Suite 2 is available from!

Quark Fights Back

Quark appears to be feeling the heat from CS2 and has taken action to fight back the Adobe hoards. Last week the company sent out a mailer that attacked Creative Suite. This week Quark announced promotional pricing through June 30th that would drop the price of XPress below $1,000 CDN. Promotional upgrade pricing will now be $199 US for all prior versions.

QuarkXPress is available from

Free Tiger Seminar

Tiger is coming and we=92ve prepared a free seminar to introduce our customers to it. Apple has packed Mac OS X 10.4 with more than 200 new features. Find out all about Spotlight, Dashboard, Automator, and much, much more! Your company may be elligible for this free seminar.

Find out about Precursor seminars in the Resources section of our web site!

FTP Sucks!

It seems to take up more and more of our time. People can=92t send the large files in email and are constantly having trouble engaging in FTP file transfers with strangers. Can Precursor troubleshoot FTP clients, servers and firewalls? Sure we can. But we wouldn=92t have to if people used the free YouSendIt service --which only requires a web browser! Enter your recipient's email address, choose a file to store on YouSendIt server, click on Send It button to send a link. According to YouSendIt =93Your privacy is guaranteed=94.

For more info see the YouSendIt! web site.

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