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In this issue:
1 We Have a Winner!
2 iTunes Music Store Comes to Canada!
3 Firmware Upgrades
4 AntiVirus Updates

We Have a Winner!

iPod Mini
Congratulations to Jason Robbins of ConcreteRandom for winning the free iPod Mini in our Pr=E9cis subscription drive. On November 30th our subscription offer ended and on December 1 the draw was held and Jason=92s name came up. When contacted, the delighted Mr. Robbins chose a silver model. With the iTunes Music Store now in Canada (see next story) Jason=92s iPod Mini should be twice as much fun.

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iTunes Music Store Comes to Canada!

It=92s too late for Steve Jobs to be considered for Greatest Canadian but never too soon for the Apple iTunes Music Store to open in Canada. On December 2, the Canadian version of the iTunes Music Store went online offering 700,000 downloadable music titles for 99=A2 CDN each. And, Precursor is celebrating this week with a special iPod sale!

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Firmware Upgrades

G5 Chip
Several significant firmware upgrades have appeared in recent weeks. (Firmware can be thought of as the permanent insruction set of the main chip in your device). Apple has a firmware upgrade for the second generation G5 towers that began shipping in June, 2004. Apple also has firmware upgrades for BlueTooth (1.2) and AirPort BaseStations (4.1).

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AntiVirus Updates

Both Symantec and McAffee have upgraded their Anti-virus products for Mac OS X. Apple .Mac subscribers can download a free upgrade from Virex 7.2 to 7.5.1, while Norton Anti-Virus 9 users can use Live Update to get the latest 9.0.3 version. We note that the state of virus infection on the Macintosh platform is still VERY low and we also point out that various versions of both Virex and Norton Antivirus when not carefully installed can cause loss of email, prevention of PDF creation, and other nasty side effects. Therefore, as usual, we invite Precursor Support customers to contact us to determine whether they need the upgrade and we strongly recommend Precursor Support customers allow Precursor to install the upgrades for them.

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